85th Synod of the UEEL (Union Eglises Evangéliques Libres of France)

IMAGE Synod UEEL 2015Bergerac, 14-17 May 2015

The French Synod met in the Fondation John Bost  to celebrate their biannual synod. The topic was RIGHTS AND RESPONSABILITIES OF THE WORD: What is the place of the church in the public debate? 

There were reports from different Commissions and the election of the Synodale Commission members. A highlight was the Ordination of two new pastors.  For a full report see UEEL Synode 2015-Communiqué.

See UEEL Facebook for more information about the UEEL and its ministry in France.

Hindustani Covenant Church Report – May 2015 Report

In this issue of the HCC Report you can learn about Sanali, a high school student who has chronic problems with being able to have clean drinking water. Also featured are

  • Local churches preparing for Vacation Biblie Schools this summer
  • Evangelin and Samuel, two young people from India studying in Sweden
  • How Snehal´s education has been key in being able to support her family
  • The new church building in Sundargarh, Orissa.

To download the entire report, please clic here: May 2015 HCC Report

Hindustani Covenant Church Report – January 2015 Report

We have just received the newest church report from our brothers and sisters of the Hinustania Covenant Church.  Please download the full report to learn more about:

  • Restoring Childhood

    Restoring Childhood

    Project Blue – the HCC and ECC cooperation

  • HCC Flood Relief 2015

    HCC Flood Relief 2015

    Restoring Childhood in cooperation with equmenia

  • Environmental Change Agents



  • Flood relief in Srinagar
  • A new home for Meena

News Letter Jan 2015_Parte1

News Letter Jan 2015_Parte2


Severe Flooding in India – Special Report Sept 2014


  • — Over 225,000 people rescued
  • — Over 100,000 people still stranded
  • — 400 villages submerged by floods
  • — Estimated damage in the 100s of millions of dollars
  • The HCC is working in flood relief.

We have received a letter from Steven David with details the Hundistani Covenant Church rescue operation. Attached find the report DEVASTING FLOODS IN KASHMIRsept2014

Hindustani Covenant Church Report – June/July 2014

The HCC has sent us their most recent report.  You can find more information and pictures regarding the following:

1. Praise be to God, who has enabled the congregation at Patas (Pune), to spread the Good News in surrounding villages. It has experienced 16 years of God’s faithfulness.
HCC has ordained Pastor Enosh to lead the congregation further with God’s will and strength. Now, it has additional two prayer cells in nearby villages.

2. A new church hall has been constructed at Nandre village by the members of the local church. Most of them are new believers. They work as seasonal laborers in sugarcane fields. They came together to build the church hall.

3. The 54th Church Council of HCC was held on July 26th. Pastors & delegates from 136 congregations of HCC participated in the Annual Meeting. It was a time for the church leaders to reflect on God’s faithfulness
during the previous year & plan for the upcoming year. It created opportunity of worship & fellowship with each other.

4. Sakina, 12, was born and brought up in the red light district in Pune. At her school, Sakina faced bullying and non-acceptance for her growing up in the district. Her struggles continued even after her mother quit prostitution. It made her want to return to the district as she found acceptance and friendship there. But the problem was, her return to the district would increase the possibility of her getting into prostitution. Her mother approached HCC to help Sakina. HCC admitted Sakina to a girls hostel and school in another town. Sakina is now receiving education, care and counseling along with the needed friendships to help her grow and thrive.

5. Prajakta David, currently a student at North Park University pursuing her MACF/ MBA, interned with the HCC for three months. She worked with the PME team and preached at various congregations during her internship.

For full report clic News Letter June – July 2014 1

Hindustani Covenant Church Report – March 2014

In the March 2014 report of the HCC. HCC is involved in Equipping, Learning, Gathering, Perparing, and Visioning.

Equipping – Read about the seminar for pastors and church workers gathered in Goa for training in strategic development of the church. Nine year old Mina Pawra is learning at school, an opportunity her parents never had. They are grateful to the HCC for this. Children of sex workers are gathering in a space specially prepared for them to play, learn and be accepted. A place where these children and just be children. You can also read about Ashish, Naraj and Ram who are preparing for tull time ministries at various seminaries in India. Rev Jayprakech and Rev Sachin are visioning what God can do in and through the Saint Andrew´s Church, where they minister in Pune. They are praying for a membership to reach 5000 people.

To read the complete report download News letter Mar 14 

Hindustani Covenant Church Report – February 2014

We have just received the February edition of the news letter from the Hindustani Covenant Church work in India.  There are interesting articles regarding children´s ministry, micro credits, Acts 29, ministry to people with addiction problems and more.


Some of the group participating in Acts 29 in Pune, India. Participants come from Sweden, USA, Chile and India. To follow Acts 29 visit their blog

To see the entire report, download here:  News letter Feb 14

Greek Study Tour – January 2014


We have received a report from the Greek Study Tour. Following is an extract. For complete report Greece Report to IFFEC


The study trip to Greece was a rewarding and meaningful experience for all involved. The trip and the amount of involvement from IFFEC constituencies exceeded the expectations of the original planning. In short, the trip was in every respect a success, an enjoyable one for those privileged to take part.

Thirty-five people from nine different countries were in Greece from January 4 to January 11, 2014. These thirty-five included nineteen from North Park Theological Seminary in the United States, six from Sweden, five from Norway, two from China, one from Germany, one from the Czech Republic, one from Slovakia. In addition to the seven countries just mentioned, there was a participant from Colombia, who is a current North Park student, and a participant from Brazil, who is currently studying in Sweden. Among the participants were five faculty members: three from North Park, one from Sweden, and one from Norway.

The group stayed at the Greek Bible Institute in rooms vacated by students for the holidays and took most of its meals there. The location in a suburb of Athens was very good, the facilities were quite adequate, and the food was very good as well.

The value of the trip cannot easily be measured. Obviously the academic focus on the Hellenistic background and context of NT writings is significant. Much is gained by being present on site that is not easily gained from reading. Most important were the relations established among the participants. The purpose of IFFEC is mutual encouragement and support of member constituencies, but that cannot be done in the abstract. The bi-annual meetings of IFFEC bring some persons together and establish important friendships, but the study trip brought together people who otherwise would probably never meet. Friendships, awareness, and mutual care were created by the trip, and hopefully they will continue into the future and will enable possibilities. People who did not know each other, some of whom do not live that far apart, were brought together and already were discussing ways of helping each other. IFFEC exists to foster such relations.

Respectfully submitted,

 Klyne Snodgrass


India HCC 50th anniversary celebration – October 2013 

The Hindustani Covenant Church with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India has just celebrated its Golden Jubilee. Fifty years of ministry in this area of India.

Attending were dignataries from many churches, among them

1. The Uniting Church of Sweden

2. The Salvation Army of Sweden

3. The Evangelical Covenant Church of the USA

4. The Covenant Church (Iglesia del Pacto) of Ecuador

Also attending were representatives from many sister church in India, including tribal people from Chopda (India).

The Women´s Council also celebrated 25 years. This Siver Jubilee together with the Golden Jubilee was celebrated with conferences, music, dance and special remembrances.

To see the complete report

Page one: 2013NOV_HCC_50Jubilee1

Page two: 2013NOV_HCC_50Jubilee2

Page three: HCC_50Jubilee3

Page four: HCC_50Jubilee4


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  1. L’IFFEC. est une organisation de véritables témoins du Christ qui devraient manifester le désir ardent de conquérir tous les continents du monde par l’Évangile du Christ et implanter les églises évangéliques libres dans chaque milieu où vivent le peuple-sans église.Intéressés et attirés davantage par les activités physiques,spirituelles ,humanitaires ou évangéliques en général;alors nous les membres du conseil exécutif de l’Église Évangélique Libre en Afrique subsaharienne
    (en anglais, Evangelical Free Church of Sub-saharan Africa), nous allons adresser une demande d’adhésion à. Fédération. Internationale des Églises Évangéliques Libres(en anglais,,International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches). Nous espérons que notre adhésion a l’IFFEC sera prise en considération.Par l’amour du Christ qui anime.les coeurs de membres administratifs de l’ IFFEC, nous osons croire que ” the Evangelical Free Church of Sub-saharan Africa”sera la 32ème fédération nationale membre de l’IFFEC.

      • Avant tout,nous voudrions vous remercier fraternellement en Christ de nous avoir répondu.Notre dénomination chrétienne est indigène,car elle a été fondée en 1990 sous le nom Église Internationale Fellowship au Zaïre.Alors, en 1996 nous avons quitté notre pays la République Démocratique du Congo.Quelques Congolais qui ont été volontairement ratriès dans notre pays d’origne,ont eu de difficultés à changer le nom de l’association,mais localement ils appelaient la dénomination Église Évangélique Libre en Afrique subsaharienne,cependant la conférence de la dénomination tenue le 29février 2016 a adopté comme nom officiel de la dénomination: Fraternité des Églises Évangeliques Libres d’Afrique. Notez que le nom Fraternité des Églises Évangéliques Libres d’Afrique(FEELA) a été adopté à l’unanimité par tous les conférenciers subsahariens, alors le véritable nom pris en consideration est celui qui a été adopté par la majorité.
        Donc la Fraternité des Églises Évangéliques Libres
        d’Afrique n’a pas encore de partenaires extérieurs,elles fonctionne grâce aux contributions des ses membres locaux.Je vous faire les effectifs des toutes ses activites ecclésiales,après avoir reçu le rapport annuel provenant de ses églises membres en Afrique subsaharienne,
        notamment: République Démocratique du Congo, République du Burundi,République Unie de Tanzanie et l’Aire de Fòret équatoriale.FEELA. tient à adopter la déclaration de foi de”Federation of Free Evangelical Churches
        (FFEC) et se conformer à ses principes.Nous avons l’espérance de récevoir une réponse favorable de votre part.Pasteur Tawimbi Byoko Wal, co-fondateur de la FEELA, adresse au Canada:
        3 Sikorsiki Ave.
        St.Catharines ON. L2M 5W8

        • Excusez-moi,je viens de remarquer une erreur dans la correspondance, je suis vraiment dérangé par la situation de ma femme que est tellement malade.
          La Fraternité des Églises Évangéliques Libres. d’Afrique n’a pas encore de partenaires extérieurs
          ,elle fonctionne grâce aux contributions des ses membres locaux .Je vous transmet-
          trez le rapport de toutes ses activités évangéliques,après avoir les rapports provenant de ses champs d’activités chrétiennes dans l’Afrique subsaha-
          rienne(République Démocratique du Congo, République du Burundi,the United Republic of Tanzania et l’Aire de Fôret équatoriale. La Fraternité des Églises Évangéliques Libres
          d’Afrique doit librement adopter la déclaration de foi de “International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches
          (IFFEC) et établir les fraternelles lien de coopération évangélique,sociale, humanitaire et culturelles avec la plupart des fèdérations nationales, membres de l’IFFEC.L’appel à des missionnaires provenant de l’IFFEC sera véritablement nécessaire et opportun.Tout ceci témoigne notre exceptionnel désir d’appartenir à l’IFFEC.
          Merci,votre collaborateur pasteur Tawimbi Byoko Wal.

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