In Central Europe, links with Christians of the same vision were established beyond national boundaries at an early stage. While the beginnings of IFFEC go back to 1834 and to Bern, Switzerland, in the course of subsequent developments, federations of such churches were founded in the north, the south and the south-east of Europe and later the USA and Canada. In spite of geographical separation these federations established a working fellowship. IFFEC was officially founded in Bern in 1948. It was a characteristic feature of all federations involved to be active in foreign missions, resulting in the development of young churches in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Some of these churches would also join the fellowship.

Regardless of existing differences in the situations of various countries and the historical origins, development and traditions affecting the individual federations, all member federations of the IFFEC aim at practicing the unity of the Church as the Body of Christ and at the propagation of the biblical truth concerning the believers’ church.