Theological Conference 2012

September 17-22, 2012 – Vouliagmeni, Athens Greece

“The Global Church and the Challenge of Diversity”

An Invitation…

The International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches invites you to attend its Theological Conference in the beautiful land of Greece. During September 17-21, 2012 theologians, teachers, church leaders, students, and others will gather near Athens to address the topic “The Global Church and the Challenge of Diversity.”

In every part of the world the church of Jesus Christ faces the challenges and opportunities provided by growing ethnic, economic, and religious diversity. Globalization brings us closer together and links our economies and futures in profound ways. It also provides us with many serious ethical questions. Additionally, the growing churches of the global south have now become the center of Christianity. Western Europe and North America, so long used to being the teachers and opinion makers, now must learn to listen to and learn from fellow believers in Latin American, Africa, and Asia. Diverse theologies, worship practices, and cultural practices challenge the unity of the church throughout the world. How do we come together in the proclamation of the gospel and the life of the Kingdom.

We have an outstanding lineup of keynote speakers and Bible study leaders. Mark Labberton, Lloyd John Ogilvie Associate Professor of Preaching and Director at Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching, will speak on “The Challenge of Globalization and Diversity for the Church” on Tuesday, September 18th. Brian Brock, Lecturer in Moral and Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen will address the “Ethics of Globalization and Diversity” on September 19. Soong-Chan Rah, Milton B. Engebretson Associate Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism will address “Addressing Cultural Conflicts” on September 20. The morning Bible study leaders are Demosthenes Katsarkas of Greece, Greg Strand of the United States, and Hannu Vuorinen of Finland. The group will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with the keynote speakers following their presentations. Afternoon sessions will invite small groups to discuss case studies of the challenges of globalization and diversity.

In the evening worship will be led by Socrates Anastasiades of Greece, the Mission Committee of IFFEC, and Jay Phelan of the United States. We look forward to seeing you in Greece in September, 2012!

– Jay Phelan, chair of IFFEC Theological Committee


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