We are a growing network of national churches, united in Christ
to glorify God by serving member federations as they equip and develop healthy churches.

Thirty-one national member federations make up IFFEC There is also 1 associate member and 1 regional association (with 7 national churches). IFFEC is represented in 34 different countries and brings together a worldwide community of about 700,000 people.


The IFFEC General Assembly was held in September in Pune, India

With the them Free & United: Unlocking our potential we were able to learn about our history and explore new ways of networking together.

Our hosts of the Hindustani Covenant Church gave us a great welcome in the opening ceremony on Monday night.

Our first thematic plenary was about OUR ROOTS. This was an excellent base for us to see where we, as IFFEC, come from.

On Wednesday, Ansgar Hörsting, current president of IFFEC spoke about our present reality.

Time was spend developing and writing the Pune Declaration. This is a statement of where we are and where we want to go in the future.



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